The Kim Sticka PTSD Music and Arts Foundation exists to help all people affected by PTSD; primarily through the healing powers of music and various art forms.

​Through our Childrens’ Music and Arts Initiative (CMAI) we are finding that traumatized children are responding favorably to gifts of music. With music they can learn, and obtain musical instruments they can earn with progress which is positive and measurable.

One young foster child recipient drew an inspirational picture and wrote a sincere thank you. The drawing portrayed Kim in a heavenly ball of light with a yellow beam coming down from Kim, containing a stringed instrument with angel wings, above a heart-shaped face with a tear in the eye and smile on the lips. Kim’s spirit of love for troubled youth is now expressed through Kim’s Foundation. We can imagine Kim looking down from heaven with a tear in her eye, yet with the smile she wore for everyone. Joy and sadness can co-exist, and the benefits of music and art can lead to a brighter future, even for a severe trauma victim. This child’s expression of thanks, for the gift of music and art offered to those in need of solutions, is a message of hope to all of us.

The needs are great! Millions of people are at risk. Small steps take us closer to solutions. Please support this cause with your time, your talents, and



The Kim Sticka PTSD Music and Arts Foundation Promotional Video

The video below is from our first PTSD Symposium and features our new Theme Song. Written and performed by founder Ron Sticka, with support from the Gleemen Ensemble, led by Dr. John Janzi.